Monday, May 9, 2011


Hopperton, L. (2011, April 26), Millimetre scale energy harvester generates electricity from vibrations. Retrieved on May 03, 2011 from


In this article, the author generally tried to tell readers about what is considered a dream of mankind to generate energy from the cheapest source or even from 'nothing'. The author said that this new device is a very tiny device so we can put it on a one cent coin. She said that the function of this minute device is to collect vibrations from surrounding space and convert them by a certain complex process to electricity. She said that this small device can control and use all 'the cyclic motions of factory machine' to produce energy to feed wireless sensor networks. Also, the author said the biggest difficulty that the researchers have had to deal with was how to make this device last as long as possible. She cited the sayings of one of system's developers who is chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Michigan. In addition, the author mentioned that an adept team built a very modern system to manufacture this device, and the system used solid materials ,which have a characteristic of 'Piezoelectricity' in order to obtain the energy through complex digital circuit. She mentioned that one of the good things in this device is the operative part that converts the energy is so small and it takes just 27 cubic millimeters, and this can be considered a high integration. She mentioned that these devices can generate more power and last longer without maintenance. Finally, she mentioned the great benefits of such devices in many application like medicine and automotive industry.


I think that the author was fantastic when he chose this topic and put this title to make readers intent to her article. Also, we can say that a preliminary sentence in the beginning of the article can make readers pay more attention to pursue reading this article. Another amazing thing is that the author gave a brief description in the second paragraph to show the main point of why this device is a marvelous invention. In addition, the author supported his article by giving significant details in order to cover all the aspects the topic. Furthermore, she cited sayings of one of the system's developers, so her source of information is a member of the team. On the other hand, she cited too many sayings, and this maybe makes readers believe that this article is just a paraphrase of what that member had said. Nevertheless, the ideas and the organization are very good because the author followed a logical sequence in presenting the information. Moreover, the author finished her article by mentioning the economic benefits of that device and how it will be utilized in several applications like medicine and the automotive industry. I think that this type of article is easy to read, and it contains plenty of information.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Shaw,C. (2011, April 11). New advance in nanofabrication techniques, 'significant'. Retrieved on April 25, 2011. From
The author started describing what researchers at Lund University in Sweden and University of New South Wales discovered in the area of IC fabrication simplification. He said that research was done by these researchers at these universities to fix  huge problems caused by "packing higher densities of transistors into a chip", so their work resulted in  a new sophisticated transistor called "Fin Field Effect Transistor (FinFET)". FinFET transistor has a characteristic of having a channel etched silicon side to develop flat highland structure. He mentioned that the researchers claimed to obtain  better control by covering a certain area inside the transistor so they can get metal beneath the channel, and this way of linking has resulted in an interest in self assembled nanowires for computing devices. He said that it is possible to make coated nanowires into "fully functioning transistors" by a developed process because it is a wonderful thing to have such a modern transistor design. He said that the challenge was to make nanowire transistors surrounded by a metal wrap gate. Also, he continued presenting some details and features of a nanowire transistor by citing from a work published in NanoLetters. Finally, he said that the nanowire transistors will open new areas and new ways and methods in the semiconductor industry.
In this article, the author was depicting and characterizing a high-class type of transistor that can be made by an involved process to simplify IC fabrication steps. In spite of the excellent presentation of details, I think that the author went on and on in deeply describing the new technique of nanowire transistors. Thus, the article lacks stimulation and causes boredom. In my opinion, this article has tow advantages; first, it includes detailed information about an amazing kind of semiconductors. Second, it presents the benefits of such devices invented basically by academic researchers. On the other hand, this article has two disadvantages; firstly, it is classified as very professional article, so it is suitable just for electronic specialists. Secondly, it seems to be a one-sided direction because it did not take into account that everything in this world must have at least one disadvantage. In spite of its being a good development, however, this is the way in which article are written, because people who are interested in such areas always focus on and analyze specific issues. In addition, the author was good when he mentioned that these new devices may put into reach many methods and ways to invent more and more techniques.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

End To End Flows Are To Reshape IC Design

In this article, the author talked about a new type of software that facilitates electronic design process. He mentioned four possible challenges which require optimum solutions, and he stated that this new software tool is the best solution. This tool is manufactured by Cadence Design Systems which has declared lately that it produced an end to end digital flow that can cope with many challenges. The author said that this new tool is more advanced than traditional tools because it presents a perfect solution and because of a new essential principle called "Silicon Realization". The author said that Silicon Realization requires three things: "unified representation of design and verification intent", "the appropriate use of different levels of abstraction " and "convergence with physical and manufacturing data". Also, he mentioned that Cadence has developed sophisticated technology to enhance those requirements. He said that there is a new engine which combines two timely-separated processes in one process, and this action will reduce the cost and time of the design process. In addition, the author said that Cadence has improved a new tool called "constraint driven mixed signal design flow" which leverages digital system requirements and analogue environments. The author mentioned that Cadence provides up an extremely important technique called low power design, and Cadence provide an easy way to make architects promote efficient designs. At last, the author said that there is a new type of ic design method called 3D ic design methodology which can run with a very high speed system.
The author was very careful when he gave details about the new modern technique, and he presented the product in a pretty good way. Also, he mentioned several examples to support his point of view, for the specific details and the wide range of products he mentioned. On the other hand, the author exaggerated in describing the products; his opinion was like a commercial advertisement. I think that such magnified description maybe seem not very true to many people, and it may cause bad results. In my opinion, this article is not too bad, but it will be better to improve it by reducing the advertisement amount included in its context.
Tan,W.L. (2011, February 03). End to end flows are to reshape ic design. Retrieved on April 21, 2011. From

Thursday, April 7, 2011

RRJ#2 Baraa

Multiliteracies and Communications Media. (nd).Retrieved on March 31,2011. From

In this article, the author mentioned the new basics category, multiliteracies and communication media, that uses modern means for communicating since World War , including the sophisticated electronic media such as TV., radio and other audiovisual media. He said that the old technologies are still needed beside the new technologies because these old technologies are necessary to the new basics; nevertheless, the new communication media reform the way of using old communication media. Therefore, for optimum use for communication media we have to figure out symbolic codes. The author suggested "blending traditional and new communication media" in order to solve our current problems. Also he said that creating wide range of media is essential for modern society. He focused on the importance of communicating using intercultural understandings. And finally he mentioned that it is very important for us to master literacy, numeracy, and traditional skills and techniques.
In my opinion, I think that this article is outstanding because that the author explained every thing in detail and gave good examples and modern methods which help people to communicate with the world. He discussed issues that maybe not clear to everyone especially blending traditional and new communication media in order to optimize the communications media. Also he was fantastic when he explained in detail how sometimes misunderstandings arise from misinterpretation of speaker’s intention, because using another language perhaps causes some problems when the speaker used a word or expression in a wrong place or in a wrong time. He also mentioned that the ability to work in the intermediate area between cultures is very easy to do in low level learner of another language, but it is mandatory for the world at the same time. He said that "the design and performance of multi-media texts-" that merges the new and the traditional, is needful to enable people  to engage effectively in the developing process in the world, so I think this is an impressive idea because we need to share with all people, regardless their place or language. In my opinion, "communicating using languages" is very useful to us, because it simply enables us to communicate with other people from various cultures, this will make people (well) informed about the world.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pitcher,G(2011, March 22 ). Prototyping System Design on FPGA. Retrieved on March 25, 2011. From
In this article, the author tried first to show the importance of software in order to link this importance with a sophisticated integrated circuit called FPGA. He said that FPGA is used in prototyping system design. He focused on a new modern type of FPGA called FPGA Based Prototyping Methodology Manual (FPMM). He said that FPMM will help system designer to prototype any complex system in short time, low cost, and precisely. He mentioned the companies that contributed in manufacturing and developing FPMM. He mentioned why prototyping system design on FPMM is better than prototyping system design by other ways. And he gave details and examples about some systems and circuits to support his main idea.
I think that the author succeeded in showing the important role that software plays nowadays. Also he went deeply in the details of FPMM, so he made the article more suitable for professionals. He was very careful in the examples and the details he mentioned, and this made the article very valuable to people who interested in this field. The author also was successful when he mentioned the benefits of using FPMM. He was very right when he implied that FPMM would be the most effective tool in prototyping system design in the near future. Also I think that the author depended a lot on designers’' sayings, so the article may look like an article written by the designers for marketing their products. In my opinion, I think that the author exaggerated in the depiction of FPMM as the only best way for prototyping system design. In a nutshell, I think that it is a good article to ordinary reader and it is very good for professional.